Strength ~ Community ~ Kindness



Strength ~ Community ~ Kindness

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Jaclyn Hahn, Owner & Lead Coach

Jaclyn started coaching back when she was an undergraduate student. She has a bachelors degree in health science and a Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy (DPT). And if that was not enough school, she went on to complete a residency in orthopedic manual therapy and also became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) though the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). Long story short, she has a ton of education and background in BOTH rehabilitating the body and getting it in awesome shape!

"I am extremely passionate about fitness and community building. It has always been my dream to put my expertise to work in my own community. So EVOLVE has been a dream come true. I believe that sweat is the best therapy, and it is always more fun and rewarding to push yourself with a group of close friends. I believe we are all capable to doing amazing things with our bodies in every decade of life. But in order to make that happen, quality instruction and leadership is essential."

Jaclyn pulls from both of her professional backgrounds to programs all the workouts for ESF, meaning our workouts are efficient with improving your body in both an intelligent and well balanced way. At Evolve Strong Fitness we believe in training our bodies in a life long sustainable way. Because we don't want to just be doing this for one summer, or one year, but for the rest of our lives. #alwaysimproving


Paul Dott, Coach

Paul is our run coach extraordinaire, a husband, father and systems engineer. Paul has been a lifelong athlete and is truly and natural born runner.

“While I have always enjoyed physical activity, between my time in the Army and playing soccer for as long as I can remember, it wasn't until 2008 or so that I started to run with some purpose and goals in mind. I ran a handful of 1/2 marathons and marathons over the next few years and then jumped into the Ultramarathon scene through some new friends I met, at a local 5km race of all things.
To date I have run races ranging from 5km up to 100 miles. I don’t really have a favorite distance, because they all have their own unique ‘appeal’. I am not a frequent racer, I just enjoy the simplicity and freedom that running duly provides.”


Kelsey Reely, Coach

Kelsey grew up here in the PNW on Bainbridge Island. She is an coach, a wife, a mother, and a photographer. Kelsey has been involved in sports and fitness her whole life- from soccer, lacrosse, cheerleading to skiing/snowboarding and CrossFit. Throughout her history in athletics, Kelsey has been both an athlete and a coach. She was one of Evolve Strong's founding members, and she did not hesitate a moment to jump at the opportunity to become an Evolve Coach. Kelsey has her personal training certificate from the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

"As my coach at ESF, Jaclyn had been such a motivating and inspiring leader for me, I knew I wanted to take the steps to become a coach and be that leader and role model for someone else. Helping someone to achieve new goals and accomplish things that once seemed out of reach is what drives me and truly fuels my fire!" -Kelsey


Adriane Ryan, Coach

Adriane is a coach, a wife, a mother, and an avid runner. Adriane attended the University of North Carolina- Asheville where she played Division I Soccer and was a captain of the team her senior year. Teaching is in Adriane'e bones. Since college she has worked as both a teacher of group fitness and elementary school students.

After having her first child in 2011, Adriane experienced the all too common problem of finding time for herself. Running and fitness took a position on the back burner. In 2016, Adriane and her family moved to Bonney Lake from Chicago. Following this move Adriane met Jaclyn and was one of the first to join Evolve Strong Fitness. Adriane jumped in head first, attending nearly every class on the schedule. And she began to feel like herself again. As Evolve began to grow, Adriane knew she wanted to grow along with it. She achieved her personal training certificate from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and from their her journey as an Evolve Coach began.


Kesha Beethe, Yoga Instructor

Kesha is our beloved yoga instructor. There is truly no else like her. You will be sure to leave your mat feeling lighter, happier and more mobile. We strongly encourage all of our members to incorporate yoga into their weekly routines.