The classes at EVOLVE Strong Fitness are curated to optimize your fitness and expand your physical abilities.

Through varied-intensity interval training classes, indoor weight lifting, yoga, and run club, we offer thoughtful programming that allows our classes to accommodate all abilities and fitness levels.

Strength & Conditioning

Strength & Conditioning is our staple class. It is varied-intensity interval training that will challenge your cardiovascular system, your endurance, your strength, your power, for the purpose of improving overall athleticism. Members bring along yoga mats, resistance bands, and jump ropes. We take advantage of the elements around us at the park and also incorporate in gear like medicine balls, dumbbells, kettlebells, and sandbags. Be prepared to work hard and feel incredible when you’re finished!

These classes are hosted at Sprouts Holler Park and Tehaleh Heights Elementary School.

*Kids are welcome to tag along. Please keep children 4.5 years and younger in strollers and older children clear of the workout space.


EVOLVE Lift is an indoor strength training class that takes place in the EVOLVE Garage on Overlook Dr E. The focus is on weight lifting, specifically barbell work focusing bench press, squats, and deadlifts.

EVOLVE Lift is a stand alone membership. We run these classes in 8 week cycles with only 12 people enrolled per cycle. This allows each cycle to be a methodical and intelligent build up in your strength and capacity. It also guarantees your space in class for the 8 weeks.

Run Club

Our Run Club classes consist of speed work training to improve your overall running capacity and economy as well as group run formats. Whether you’re a total beginner starting out with power walking or a seasoned veteran looking to PR in your next marathon we’ve got you covered. Be sure to keep an eye on our calendar to see where the class will be meeting.

*Kids are welcome. But be prepared to keep them moving, ie- bikes, stroller, etc.


At EVOLVE, we believe in being both strong AND mobile. Our yoga classes are taught for all levels and are generally a combination of vinyasa/flow and restorative yoga. If you’re reluctant to give it a try, we encourage you to just go for it. Regularly addressing mobility, flexibility and muscle control are all parts of the recipe to life long physical fitness.

In the colder months we host yoga indoors at Elite Physcial Therapy in Bonney Lake. In the warmer months we host it outdoors at Discovery Park in Tehaleh.

Check out our schedule

We have early morning, mid morning and evening options to accommodate your needs. Or join us anytime/anywhere through EVOLVE Virtual - our virtual fitness programming option.