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This page contains extras like yoga classes, bonus workouts and informational videos to help supplement your daily workouts.

Sandbag Sesh

EMOM to failure

0:00 4 power cleans + 1 burpee over bag

1:00 4 power cleans + 2 burpee over bag

2:00 4 power cleans + 3 burpee over bag

Repeat this sequence until you can no longer complete burpees with it the 1 minute

Sandbag Sesh 2


Sandbag clean and press

Sandbag drag

For time

Sandbag Sesh 3

5 Rounds

20 SB over shoulder toss

20 SB lateral toss

20 SB zercher squats

Sandbag Sesh 3A

5 rounds

4 minutes of stadium

10 over the shoulder toss

10 lateral toss

10 zercher squat

Sandbag Sesh 4

For Time


Sandbag (or dumbbell) clusters

4 stadiums between each set.

Sandbag Sesh 5 - Partner WOD


P1 = Sandbag work, TIMER

P2 = Stadium repeats

2 rounds - 4 rounds - 6 rounds - 4 rounds - 2 rounds

5 sandbag burpee, 10 sandbag rows

Instructions: partner 1 will begin by completing 2 rounds of 5 burpees and 10 rows, while partner 2 is climbing the stadium. Once partner 1 has completed 2 sets, they will switch positions. Then move on to 4 rounds each, then switch. And continue this sequence.

The Conventional Deadlift

Do, dont's, and technique drills

How to Build a Smart Warmup

Check out this video to learn more about how to construct a simple and effective warm up.

Yoga: Post-Workout Asana

Half-hour post-workout stretch and flow

Yoga: Chill

1-hour gentle and restorative yoga class

Yoga: Power Flow

1-hour energizing power flow yoga workout

Yoga: Power Balance

An energetic flow incorporating balances of all types.

Yoga: Yin/Yang

Spend half the time with more movement, and the second half with more stretching

Build heat for longer holds

30 minute Vinyasa

30 minute vinyasa flow

Cool Down (25 minutes)

Cool Down (25 minutes)

Partner Chipper


One partner working, one partner resting. Once each 100 reps are chipped away, run 400m together before moving on to the next movement.

100 push ups

100 rock n roll ups

100 jump squats

100 V-ups

100 pop jacks

Weighted Vest Workout

Scale this one down and do it with body weight only!

Complete 4 rounds for time of:

10 burpee

20 step ups

20 sit ups

20 dips

30 walking lunge

200 meter run

Weighted vest recommendations -

Women: 12-16 pounds

Men: 20-24 pounds

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