EVOLVE Virtual is our online membership option. Train with us from anywhere, on your own schedule and in your own setting.

We provide you with 5 programmed classes per week. Each class comes paired with demonstration videos and detailed instructions.

We provide numerous scaling options to accommodate various fitness levels and options to accommodate what gear you may or may not have available to you.

You can get these workouts done with as little as a long resistance band and a jump rope, or with as much as a fully stocked gym.

Workouts are posted on our private Instagram account.

Members also have access to the EVOLVE Vault. The EVOLVE Vault contains bonus workouts, full yoga classes, and instructional videos.

Sample Workout

E2M = Every 2 minutes

30:00 minutes or 15 rounds

Every 2 minutes you will complete:

  • 30 cross body mountain climbers
  • 10 pop jacks
  • 20 swings

Instructions: set your timer to buzz every two minutes for 30 minutes. At 0:00 you will complete the above sequence of 3 movement, then rest for however long is left over in those 2 minutes. At 2:00 begin again. Continue this sequence for 15 rounds (30:00)

Mountain climbers and pop jacks: you can take these from the floor or elevate them if that feels best for your body.

Get creative with that swing - kettlebell, dumbbell, sandbag, jug of milk, laundry detergent...

This is going to be a grinder! Hang in there and push hard so you can maximize your rest time!

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